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05-05-2014, 07:51 AM
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Originally Posted by blinds View Post
This is probably the right answer. I'm just not confident Berube is good at evaluating talent; too much preference for vets and role guys. We saw it with the whole Mez/Gus and Grossmann/Gill/Gus scenario this year.
Eh, I don't really see some sort of preference for vets or bias against rookies that people are talking about. They didn't like Gus for one reason or another. That's pretty much it. You may not like that, but it doesn't mean there is some bias against younger players (like half this team is 25 or under). Where is the bias against Schenn? Rinaldo? Raffl? Other Schenn? Oh, those guys don't count. There weren't any other examples. There was an example of the opposite...Akeson at the end of the season and playoffs, when he was given a shot to play over veterans. I'd say that is more a sign that there is no preference/bias, given that it was in the playoffs and the kid had played in two NHL games prior to that time (and was kept in after taking that bad penalty).

I'm not worried about Ghost not getting to play because of some conspiracy theory about Berube not liking young players (rookies?). I'm worried about Ghost not playing because he isn't good enough.

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