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05-05-2014, 12:55 PM
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I just converted a pair of my ice hockey skates to inline to play this spring/summer with some friends after not skating inline for about 3 years. I am having similar problems, though the pain for me is not as intense as you describe.

Like you, the pain is concentrated to the bottom-outside edge of my feet. Also like you, I am using a straight setup rather than hi-lo for the first time. Although my skates are not new, they are stiff because I like a stiff boot for ice hockey. I skated using the stock footbeds the first couple times, but then switched them out for a pair of my yellow Superfeet and noticed a little less discomfort.

I think the straight setup and the stiffness could be the culprets. I am skating on a smooth concrete outdoor suface and think that since the surface is not as responsive as ice is, the combination of the stiff boot contacting with the hard cement is causing my feet to absorb the shock. Also, as you mentioned, I have a medium arch and think that my feet are more flat than I am used to.

The pain seems to lessen week after week, but after about 3 hours of playing, I think there is going to be some soreness no matter what. Might try gel insoles...

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