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03-11-2007, 03:48 PM
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I just want to say one thing, while Nolan's comments are questionable and that maybe him being the coach should not have said it. Fine.

But Brendan Witt, how do his comments differ from some of the things that come out of Sean Avery's mouth?? Seems like a double standard no?

As for as the Isles being a "classless" org. I don't think that is fair to say either.

I saw in another post (maybe on another board, I have read so much lately) saying that the Isles have had some "dirty" players and went on to list a bunch.

The Rangers have had some as well
Ulf Samualsson (spelling?)
Dale Purinton (again spelling I'm sorry)
Sean Avery (the arguement could be made)
Colton Orr (again arguement could be made)
could be more/less but I don't remember that far back

Anyway, I'm not trying to be a troll, just want to point out that every team in the NHL has said someone on their team called a dirty player wether(spelling?) it's right or wrong.

Anyway, I hope this stops from both fan bases, this is an exciting part of the season and I really wish this never went down. The NHL didn't need another round of bad press.

Good Luck the rest of the way.

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