Thread: Speculation: Potential Offseason Acquisitions
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05-05-2014, 03:12 PM
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Originally Posted by TheKingPin View Post
By puck possession in that he has to be a good forechecker and cycler to be successful. He has to lead the line he is on to do that. Thats who I consider a puck possession guy. Whenever he has been successful he is playing tough.

And all of the teams that you pointed out have several players that standout. Thats very very obvious. It does not take a genius to say that a team with 19 players playing well is better than a team with 3 people. Its pretty obvious this team is built down the middle with more support wingers and D. Therefore you real do need couts and schenn to do well for our team to be a competitor. I actually thought this was pretty obvious? If couts and schenn are 60-70 pt players the puck possession time would be a lot different. We would have three lines, waves, coming all game long. Thats a little different than schenn ALWAYS stuck in his end and couts some what neutral.
One team in the league consistently has two center's in the top thirty in C scoring, the Penguins. Anything above 55pts get you in the top 30 in C scoring yearly. So what you're saying is the Flyers need to have three #1 centers including a ppg+ center and need to be the highest scoring team in the league by a significant margin (unless you think all production needs to come from centers and little from the wings). If you honestly think that then just give up now, the cup will never come. That just isn't practical, there simply isn't enough ice time for that (or cap space ).

Btw, I was being generous when I said #1 C's. By 60-70 pts you're actually saying the Flyers need 3 top 20 centers including a ppg center.

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