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For info, this is what i wrote in another forum on a question about some of the Quebec leagues...

Note that all money figures are in canadian $$.
No the LNAH and the LHSP are not related.

The LHSP (Ligue de Hockey Senior Promutuel) is one level below the LCH (Ligue Central de Hockey). Thought both of these leagues caliber of play went up by a good notch this season. The LHSP caliber of play is somewhat comparable to the LHSNEQ (Ligue de Hockey Senior Nord-Est du Quebec) and the LHSEQ (Ligue de Hockey Senior de l Est du Quebec).

There use to be 3 top level leagues: LNAH (the best one), the LHSP (Ligue de Hockey Senior Provincial) and the LCH.

Last year, the LNAH had 9 teams, the LHSP (Provincial) had 8 teams and the LCH had 9 teams. Thats a total of 26 teams.

This year, the LNAH has 8 teams, the whole LHSP (Provincial) folded, and the LCH has 8 teams. Thats a total of 16 teams.

Therefore the caliber of play and budget of the LCH teams increased by a notch. The LCH is very close in term of caliber of play to the LNAH. But the LNAH is still better. Because lots of teams folded, there was a trickle down effect... so good players ended up in the LHSP (Promutual)... which resulted in the league s teams having too much of a gap inbetween each other in terms of budget. 3-4 teams have lots of money and can afford to pay good players, while the other teams can t. Therefore there is often blowouts when a rich team plays a poor team. For example, Cowansville average attendance is something like 1300-1400 fans per game... One game they had 2500 in attendance, which is more than the total of 2-3 other teams season total attendance.

Just to give a rough idea on salaries... the LNAH is the only official pro league (salaries are declared). They have a weekly pay roll of 16000$ (went down from 25000$) for a 19 man roster. Salaries range inbetween 500$ and 1500$ (not accurate) per week. Most players get money that counts toward the cap and they also get money under the table. ie: someone might get a 800$ cheque that counts towards the cap and another 300 cash (not in the books) per week.

The LCH works with a per game salary. Some teams declare salaries and some don t. Salries range inbetween 175$ and 800$+ per game. The average being around 250-400$ per game.

The LHSP (Promutual) also works with a per game salary. Salaries range inbetween 50$ and 300$+ per game. The average being aroud 100-175$ per game.

There is also other advantages to consider... for example, the LNAH will pay appartments to players that need one. For some players they will also pay for there travelling to bring them in and retirn them home, they will provide a car and pay for gas bills.... most of them also pay gas bills for all players for their travel expense if they have to drive to games. I would guess at around 50% the number of players having another job than hockey. It can be quite good money to work full time and play in the LNAH.

Only very few players in the LCH have appartment paid. Teams usualy pay the players their gas expense to travel to games, or they will rent cars for the players for the week end. The more isolated teams often have 90% of their roster from outside the area, therefore they will also pay hotel rooms for the week end.

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