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Originally Posted by OTP Legend View Post
This became a major issue for me when I was 13 or 14 years old. . CCM/Bauer/Graf/etc... All the skates fit differently and the sizing varies. I think the problem is with the width of your skate OP. D is the standard skate width. Stores stock is probably like 90% D width.

I would recommend trying out an E skate moving forward. I'm 27 now, and completely eliminated this issue by ensuring the width of the skate fit me.
yea i mean i have tried a few skates in EE width but they felt too wide and floppy. for all of the inline skates the only widths i have been able to find are D/R and EE. never seen an E. is E and EE the same thing just depending on what brand it is? also do you know if D and R are the same width. there are some bauers that i only see in D and some that are only in R. someone told me R is a bit wider. anyone know if this is true? my old bauers are R while my new ccm's are D. maybe this could have something to do with it? any thoughts?

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