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Originally Posted by Crosbyfan View Post
I know tight lacing combined with lack of arch support can load the instep and collapse the unsupported arch...but I think that normally affects the plantar fascia bottom mid the pain only on the outside? Maybe compensating with loading the outside to keep the skate on track? Any muscle soreness/extra fatigue on the inside ankle area?
yea, i tied them "REALLY" tight with waxed laces. i dont know what i was thinking. i was playing with some new guys so maybe i just wanted to make sure i was ready to make some plays and i tightened them a few times throughout playing. there is literally no pain anywhere else on my feet or ankles other than what i described. it is only the outside/outside bottom of my right foot. it is still sore when i walk, and as i said i couldnt put ANY pressure on it for about 2 or 3 hours after playing on saturday. its been about 2 days and i have just been staying off of it. no skating or anything. it doesnt appear to be swollen, but it is semi-painful to the touch if i press on that area, or if i walk. now it seems to be more of a dull nagging pain. its not super sharp, but it is definitely there. one of my buddies said i should get an x-ray to make sure its not a stress fracture. ive never had any foot problems really (besides a broken toe a long time ago) so im not sure what a fracture feels like. i really expected the pain to completely go away after a few hours, but it obviously has not.

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