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Originally Posted by AIREAYE View Post
Let me summarize then: 'D' or 'R' is arbitrary to designate 'Standard' width in that skate line, while 'E' and 'EE' represent 'Wider' in that skate line. There is no universal width indication across the different skate lines. Some are wider or narrower than others. The RBZs are among the wider boots, with D being close to a Vapor EE for example.
ok, thanks. sorry if i am not understanding, but i was looking at the vapor line of inline skates. within the same line some are offered only in r and some are offered only in d. i could understand if one company uses r and one company uses d. but having the same line of skates from the same company use some models with d and some with r doesnt make sense to me. am i missing something? i can give you a specific link if you want. i looked online and this was the way it was. went to a hockey shop and this was the way it was. the x50R x60R and x70R is only offered in R. while the x90R and the top of the line APX2R is only offered in D. i am only referring to the d/r widths, i know these are also offered in e/ee as well. but the whole d/r within the same line isnt making sense to me.

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