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03-11-2007, 08:33 PM
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Originally Posted by -31- View Post
he didn't throw many hits from the front because players are aware of him and keep turning away from him when they move the puck. the Pittsburgh player (I don't remember who it was, don't think it was Orpik) turned into that hit, meaning it was no penalty.

Malone initiated the contact on Hollweg, and Hollweg brushed him aside.

he didn't hit Adams from behind, but it should have probably been a boarding penalty because of the distance from boards.

how is Hollweg a fake tough guy? you went on about it, but didn't qualify that statement at all.
The very definition of boarding isn't that requiring you facing the boards? So how would that not be a hit from the backside....Maybe i should clarify im not talking head driven into the boards from behind, but more of the boarding nature is his game...How is Hollweg a fake tough guy? He runs around in his nature, and when the bell calls do you think he would have fought Simon if he dropped the gloves? Sure he isn't a heavyweight, but guys like Steve Webb even answered the bell when called upon. Webb sucked at fighting, but backed up or in his case tried to with his fists.

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