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As stated initially the thread has been hijacked into a list of first. Not the objective.

Re-stating from the seminal post in this thread;

Purpose of this thread is exploring, perhaps identifying when ice hockey started emerging as a sport, moving beyond that of a pastime activity.


1.) When did ice hockey become a sport as opposed to a pastime?

2.) Does first or earliest set the foundation for continuity and growth of a pastime? a sport?

Best example of a definition of a sport as it pertains to Ice Hockey comes from the noted Québec Sports Historian Donald Guay. "L'histoire du hockey au Québec" 1990, 293 pages, ISBN 2-920176-81-1, Les Éditions JCL Inc.

Summarized, from Chapter 1, pages 18 and 19. Sport is a physical activity, pleasurful, competitive, rewarding, played according to written rules and a sporting spirit.(my translation)

as starting points.

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