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05-06-2014, 01:31 PM
Pacifist Goon
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X70's. Have reasonably big feet and read that the Vapor range were pretty narrow fitting, so they weren't even on the radar. The 11EE felt pretty comfortable and seemed to address all my reasons for upgrading. The good thing is I told the guy what I was prepared to spend and he didn't try to go to or exceed my limit, but went a few hundred under. Have an inkling he may have been wanting to clear some old stock, but that's a win/win by any measure.

Was on a pair of new but older Custom 3000's that I picked up for a song at the start of the year. They were super stiff and just didn't want to break in right for me so had been taping the inside if my heels and finishing up in discomfort when skating.

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