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Originally Posted by mzungu View Post
Hey guys!

It's been 3 months of learn-to-play and learn-to-skate for me. Very significant improvement has been noticed and I'm so in love with playing hockey that my wife is getting jealous, but whatever.

My questions is: I'm skating in Bauer Vapor X2.0, which I got on clearance on hockey monkey. More experienced players told me to upgrade my skates so I could feel the difference between cheap and not so ceap skate. So far those cheap Bauers worked great for me, but I've never skated in skates over $100. I'm considering to get Reebok 16K (one dude at my practice told that they are pretty awesome). So any advice on Reeboks or any other brand would be much appreciated. I plan to spend 250-300$.

Thank you.
If Vapors fit you well, you should stick with that line, RBKs fit wider. The Vapor X6.0 is on sale at hockey monkey, it's almost top of the line at a pretty good price if you can find your size. X7.0 is on sale as well, it's same as the old X60 or new X:90 or 100 can't remember which, but it might be too stiff for somebody just starting out.

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