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03-12-2007, 12:03 PM
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I find Max Kellerman tolerable, alot of his arrogant attitude is just schtick(sp?). His Hockey Rant irritates me though, because you get the feeling he's just trotting NY/NJ hockey fans out in front of the listner like attractions at a carnival freak show for 60-120 seconds at a time. The way he runs it is infuriating. If the rant time lasted from 10:50 to 11:00 I wouldn't mind as much, but the callers only get an average 20-30 seconds each before he cuts them off and repeats what they said as if he's trying to learn about the game, which he isn't.

Kellerman grew up in a part of the city where Basketball is the dominant sport and Yankee Stadium is ever present so he was brainwashed by the prevailing culture around him to find Hockey insignificant-it drives me up the wall. There's no place in his Jam Master J saturated, B movie schilling mind for a game as incredible as Hockey

Screamin' A Smith is just unbearable. I can listen to him talk baseball for maybe 15 minutes before I change him...the rest is off immediatly.

New York Sports talk has two saving graces (IMO) Steve Sommers who, despite being a Ranger fan, is just friggin' hillarious and Michael Kay-the voice of the New York Yankees.

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