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05-07-2014, 09:37 AM
We don't need one!
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Holmgren's tenure was an uneven one...very inconsistent in my book just like his teams It seemed he didn't really have a cohesive longitudinal plan to piece together a cohesive roster. It just seemed he was approaching things year to year. He was also too much of a gambler with his GM approach. It wasn't measured. Sometimes he would hit the homeruns but then if he didn't his plan B, C, and D would amount to an F. How much of all of this was in part due to Snider not completely empowering Homer to be his own man is debateable but I do think in the last few years Snider has been more of a negative influence. Honestly, what I want to see out of Hextall is a consistent plan on how to assemble a roster that competes night in and night out and is an actual contender not this cusp playoff team mediocrity we have been experiencing of late....

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