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Originally Posted by DrinkFightFlyers View Post
While that is true, they all were drafted in years that they missed the playoffs. Quick was a later round pick so it is arguable that he would still be there, but Doughty, Kopitar, and Brown were years they missed the playoffs (Voynov too, second pick in second round). I try to point this out all the time and it seems to go by the wayside. These teams that are in fact keeping the players, are acquiring these players from high draft picks. It would be great to have Doughty and the likes on this team, but it would require missing the playoffs for a bunch of years, sometimes BADLY, then not trading those players. There is no ONE way to build a championship team. It needs luck (in drafting and trading). It needs, often times, a year or two of compelte failure to be able to grab a franchise player. It needs unknown guys to develop. It needs injuries to not happen. It needs to not run into a hot team at the wrong time. Simply holding on to players doesn't mean you'll win. Simply trading for players doesn't mean you'll win. If the Flyers are picking 20-30 every year, it is less likely that they will get a franchise defenseman or elite scorer without a trade or a signing. Yes, there are guys available in that range that turn out that way, and in later rounds too, but if you aren't picking in the top 5 or so, it is far less likely to get a Doughty or a Malkin or a whomever you want to throw out there. When you are picking in that range consistently, the way you get the elite guys is through trade. That is just how it works (or you get incredibly lucky with a Henrik Zetterberg and Pavel Datsyuk situation, where two players drafted in the sixth or seventh round turn into absolute super-stars).
That's a good point, and one Hextall himself brought up. Still, if you have a good scouting team, you can find the Girouxs, the Gagnes, the Mike Richards's, ect

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