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02-11-2004, 03:44 PM
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Originally Posted by FanOfHockey
Nomorekids you rarely post a positive about Hutch so it is no surprise. Hutch has done exactly what the staff expects of him and more in his callups. He is a 12 game callup rookie which is difficult to handle with a possible playoff run. There are teams that would be happy to have Hutch now and trading him would be great-but I don't think they'll give him up. This is the last year of his contract though! I really think they regret having to send him to Milwaukee.

haha, whoa there.

i've got no problem with Hutchinson...but that doesn't make him NHL-ready. The comparisons to a young Mark Eaton are, in my opinion, spot on. He's got a great, accurate shot...and he moves the puck well....BUT....he's a little one-dimensional, right now. Do I believe he has the potential to bulk up and improve the defensive aspect of his game? Yes. Did I believe Eaton could? No. I was taught a valuable lesson, and I accept that. Our defense, while surprising in many regards, still makes some boneheaded rookie mistakes...and replacing the most veteran\most all-around SOLID d-man we have...with another offensive-minded rookie seems like playoff-suicide. I have my doubts that York will be brought back next year...based solely on money...but I think we'd be shooting ourselves in the foot if we got rid of him now. I also think that he's been good for Hammer's development...and in a couple of interviews, Dan has said just that.

Re: trading Allison

It wouldn't do us much good to trade him by the most we could get would be a low draft pick from a non-contending team. Packaged? Maybe...but again...if it came down to Schnabel or Allison...I'd rather have Garth Brooks, JR. Allison has been reasonably okay, in the past couple of months...but I'd suspect that he'll be the first to go if Neckar is as solid as advertised.


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