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Originally Posted by hockeyisforeveryone View Post
It's a shame to read that most the gripes surrounding "beer league" hockey is related to the officiating. You know, this is a job and from the least to greatest everybody should do their best or society will not function. Dang I feel like becoming a referee just to bring the most absolute concentrated focus I can as an official and servant to the game, just as if I was playing. Rise up beer league refs!
I do wonder how many people complaining have actually reffed before though. I've done it many times for soccer and baseball and I can definitely say that once you've been a referee of anything for a while, you certainly get a new-found appreciation of just how difficult of a job it is. Baseball, I think, is the most difficult by a longshot because you have to make a call every few seconds and many of them are within fractions of an inch. When you've been there and been yelled at by 10-11 year olds' parents and mercilessly taunted by people because you're ruining their cherub's budding baseball career with the Yankees, you lighten up on refs quite a bit.

Now, when a ref's got a personal beef with somebody and they are consistently making calls motivated by personal issues, that's awful. But, blown calls are as much a part of the game as pucks. And, really, it's beer league. Any time there is a blown call, I just ask myself, "does this have any effect on me in the greater scheme of things in my life?" The answer is always a resounding "no."

Keep in mind too that professional referees make mistakes every game. A beer league ref making mistakes is bound to happen even more frequently. I also think that those who have never reffed often have a fantasy that they would do a much better job. Occasionally, at the lowest levels of leagues, that might barely be true. But really, most refs are doing the best they can without any kind of technological assistance and sometimes there's just one of them.

I also have noticed that regardless of what team somebody is on, the calls always went against their team.

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