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05-08-2014, 02:54 PM
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Originally Posted by NickyFotiu View Post
Interesting to see the few most negative posters flock to a positivity thread. Positive means positive not negative.

McD took a giant step this season.
We are one of the last 8 teams playing.
Zooks showed he is a legit NHL player
Kreider broke out
Staal has shown bright spots.
Stepan had a great last 29 games.
Pou showed he was worth his contract and more.
Dominic Moore had a solid season.
We had around 9 guys capable of scoring 20 goals.
My OP was more to positivity that we played well in game three, and still had a chance in this series. Not sure if I agree with myself now.

That said, if taking a macro view is what floats your boat, I would add that, ironically, the power play was the best we've seen in years...well, at least until St Louis got here! The PK was good too. Staal returned to health, we had a fourth line for a change, and I think we have a good coach - he's just running out of bullets in this series...and too many of his bullets have turned into blanks.

Of course, we still have the same GM, so I'm positive the negatives will stay negatives and will happen again and again.

Sather. Rinse. Repeat.

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