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Originally Posted by Jtown View Post
gose is a fringe 4th outfielder with litearlly no bat. Nothing he has done would make one thing he can be a mlb regular. As for villar the comparison to segura is hilarious. the only reason he is in the mlb is because he plays a quad a club in the astros.
You're on a roll today. What the hell does that even mean? I said he would be a "valuable asset" not the next coming. It easy to look now and say he sucks, but the year after he was traded he hit 16 HRs and stole 70 bases in AA and was a top 50 prospect in baseball. He could have gotten you a better player. I said he may never reach his ceiling (good possibility), but he still gets on base (?!?!?!?), can fly, and has a bazooka for an arm, and he's only 23. As bad as he seems, we do employ a guy who has a 1.6% walk rate (that is ****ing hard to do), a .034 iso, can't read a ball off the bat, and can't reach the pitchers mound from shallow center field.

You act like I compared Villar to Troy Tulowitzki. I said "Jean Segura like". You know like he plays a similar game. They both have strong lower halves that allow them to hit for some power despite their frames. Both can fly. Segura stole 44 bases last year. Villar is on pace for 40 himself. 5 HRs already (Segura hit 12 last year). That would be second best on the Phillies. .260 iso would be best on the team by far. He's a very talented player. Do you know how hard it is to find a SS that has power, can run, and has the tools to play the position? He may never win any batting titles, but if the light goes on all the way, it will get ugly around here.

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