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03-13-2007, 07:50 AM
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Originally Posted by Pizza View Post
Sorry you take offense I meant none. I mainly direct my personal ire towards "professional experts". Your comment that I am some how questioning your loyalty or the loyalty of others is off base. We may see things differently but you are completely entitled to your opinions. I am blowing a trumpet. I'm celebrating my team. Their display of guts and heart these past few weeks makes me proud to be a Rangers fan. If those sentiments make you uncommfortable.....I'm not sure what to say. Feel free to "kick the dog" if you will just allow me to throw him a bone once in a while.

First and foremost, I was just ranting in my post. It wasn’t directed at you, but at the intent of the thread or the attitude of the overall thread. YOU didn’t question anyone’s loyalty, but if you read a few of the posts, you’ll see it was brought up at least once. And that always seems to be the case with threads like this. They’re seldom about team appreciation and more of a platform to rub any form of success into the faces of people who dare criticize the Sacred Cows. And I think it just polarizes the board…it breeds disrespect. For all the talk of respecting each other’s opinion, there’s shockingly little of that going on here. And most of it stems from the intolerance of the so-called loyal fans. I mean, where are the threads created by the ‘negative’ fans when the Rangers lose? Do you recall a thread expressing victory or trumpet blowing when the Rangers were rubbed out of the playoffs last season? I can’t. My problem isn’t with the celebration of team loyalty AT ALL. I respect people’s loyalty and am even a tad envious of those who can turn to a fresh page with each new game. It’s this ‘us vs. them’ attitude, the insinuation that some of us are lesser fans and would actually be upset over a successful Rangers team, that irks me. You can throw the dog as many bones as you like, I just don’t think his butt needs to be rubbed into members’ faces every time he performs a trick.

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