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02-11-2004, 06:23 PM
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Originally Posted by RoyIsALegend
Of course that would be fine by you... it's ridiculously one-sided.

Regardless of the internet-depreciated value of Martin Skoula, he remains a 23 year old defenseman with a ton of NHL experience in both the regular season and playoffs. He's got a Stanley Cup ring and has represented the Czech Republic on two separate occasions as their number three defenseman.
Is this your way of saying that Skoula's poor play is a figment of everyone's imagination and that his value hasn't been affected by season after season of poor play, especially during the playoffs? You sound like a used-car salesman trying to sell a Chrysler Lebaron to a 16 year old girl.

The few things Skoula does well are grossly outnumbered by the things he doesn't. His value should be crap unless teams aren't scouting Skoula before they trade for him. It doesn't take a very knowledgable hockey mind to see that Skoula is a headcase defensively. I tend to give most GM's and scouts the benefit of the doubt that they've seen Skoula and know he's not worth very much. If Lacroix can find a GM willing to give up anything of value for Mr. Skoula, he should take it and run with it.

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