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03-13-2007, 12:46 PM
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At Simon's hearing:
At least, so said Pierre Lebrun of the Canadian Press in this CBC TV clip -- "Part of that Islander argument was to bring out the victim in this case, Ryan Hollweg, who has a reputation of questionable hits."
From Nolan:
Talking about Brendan Witt taking a dive to try to draw a penalty against Donald Brashear... "the only saving grace is that hit a real tough guy who didn't whine and complain and lay there like he was dead."
About Witt:
Complaining about the lack of penalty to Brashear, he said, "The league won't do anything about that, when you get coldcocked like that." In fact, the league suspended Brashear for doing the same to Aaron Ward earlier this season. But there was a difference -- Brashear hit Ward on his way to the penalty box because of something Ward said, while Witt and Brashear got into it just after Brashear scored a goal, with Witt faking a punch to try to draw Brashear into hitting him and taking a penalty, which he did. "He mouthed off to me," Witt told Newsday. "So I faked to go at him and he suckered me."
Campbell's response:
I saw the incident. Brendan Witt plays a role on the team where he’s assigned to various players on certain teams. He gets into a number of situations. Last night, that was a fairly robust shift, and just before Brashear gave him the straight arm, Witt feigned at Brashear. So, what does he expect Brashear to do but lash out? It wasn’t a sucker shot. I think a two-minute penalty was applicable in this case and was fine."

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