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Originally Posted by SmokeyClause View Post
Not only does the NHL not give the Preds time, save for the cap, they've not given the market ANY support. The NHL should be nationally marketing what is arguably their best franchise, yet they do virtually nothing because they've pigeon-holed themselves into a point where they are at the mercy of big name broadcasters.

The NHL has no idea how to grow the sport or to market themselves. This is a problem throughout North America. The Predators are the worst attended road team in the league behind the likes of Columbus, Florida, Phoenix, and LA. That's the state the NHL is in when opposing fans don't want to see what is arguably the most exciting, best team in the league any more than they want to see one of the least exciting, worst teams in the league.

What the NHL has done with Crosby has been satisfactory. But it seems as though that's about all they are willing to do. Outside of Sid the Kid, they've done very little to market their brighter franchises. I think they are very content with taking what the market is giving them as opposed to trying to create a market for their most marketable products.
I am in total agreement. Although the marketing has little to do with Nashville as a market. It just takes time. The Pens drew just over 6,000 when they started in 1967. As late as 1983 then owner Ed DeBartillo almost folded, not moved, but folded, the Pens because his indoor soccer team the Spirit outdrew them. It takes time to build a market. I do not think that the Preds will move in the end. If they would what in thw world makes KC think that their market will do any better? After the novelty factor, they would be what Nashville is, a market that would take time to build. I love how KC people keep saying how they 'need' a premade team like Pittsburgh or the Preds to succeed. Well duh, what does that tell you? Keep the Preds where they are. The NHL has almost a decade invested in building that market and it is doing just fine.

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