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03-13-2007, 01:44 PM
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Originally Posted by Reuben View Post
first they whine about Kosts not being in the line up, then after they see he is in the lineup they find something else to whine about. it's just brutal.

just because they have line 1,2,3,4 written on a piece of paper doesn't mean anything ok? the amount of ice time each line gets says what line they are not a line up card. BTW what you put on your lineup card isn't set in stone like the 10 commandements or something , you are aloud to change during the game and this happens routinely.

i recall people blasting Carbo for putting Kovalev on the so called "4th line" before last game, let me know how that worked out. i suppose carbo doesn't get any credit for that though. he only get's the blame never any credit for anything. some people in here have a serious hate on for our rookie coach and it mainly has nothing to do with hockey. they lambast the guy every chance they get, mostly when there's no justification though.

Kostitsyn, his younger brother and Grabs are all from Belarus not Russia apparently this needs to be said every 2 minutes because some either can't read or just don't get it.

Boohoo if Kosts ins't in the lineup, big friggin deal... for all we know he could have a touch of the flu or a minor injury. i'd rather have Murray in the linep playing on the checking line than Kosts anyhow.
If carbo put Kosts on the checking line people would whine about that too. they would say how can Kosts produce when he's on the checking line and then they would start on the delusional, how carbo hates russians theory. it never ends and it's pretty sad.
Do you know what the U.S.S.R is? Belarus.. Belarussians.. They may not be from Russia, but they are russian.

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