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Changes to NHL draft voted in 23-6.

Not sure if this was posted already, if so. Sorry.

I like the change, do you?

There will be a new format for determining the order of selection for the 2007 NHL Entry Draft.

Sources tell TSN that NHL teams have voted 23-6 (with one abstention) in favor of introducing a ranking system that places a greater emphasis on playoff performance than regular season results.

Under the existing format, non-playoff teams were placed one through 14 with the lowest regular-season point totals getting the higher pick in the draft, subject to the draft lottery which allows the winning non-playoff team to move up as many as four places.

The remaining 16 teams were seeded 15 through 30 based on inverse order of regular-season finish with one exception - the Stanley Cup-winning team automatically received the 30th and final pick of the first round.

The new format will work as follows:

- The 14 non-playoff teams will be seeded in inverse order of regular-season finish, just as they used to be, with the draft lottery remaining the same.

- Teams that lose in the first round of the playoffs, except those that won regular-season division titles, will be slotted next in inverse order of regular-season point totals.

- Regular-season division winners that did not advance to the Conference finals will be slotted next, in inverse order of regular-season point totals.

- Teams that make the Conference finals will be slotted next, in inverse order of regular-season point totals.

- The two teams that make it to the Stanley Cup final will get the final two picks - No. 29 for the Cup finalist and No. 30 for the Cup champion.

It is a little more difficult to explain than it was, but the basic premise is the farther a team proceeds in the playoffs, the later it will pick in the entry draft.

The concept was initially proposed by the Detroit Red Wings, who argue that playoff success is the true measure of a team's success in any given year and the draft order should reflect that.

The six teams which voted against the change were the Buffalo Sabres, Florida Panthers, Minnesota Wild, New York Islanders, San Jose Sharks and Washington Capitals. The Montreal Canadiens abstained. All remaining NHL teams voted in favor of the change

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