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05-09-2014, 09:58 PM
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Skate not as tight around one ankle

Hello all,

For those who have followed my previous posts.. Well I bought new skates and while one fits perfectly, the other is on the looser side of things. I used the Stable 26 socks in my skates and while this helps, it is definitely looser around the ankle still.

As a result of a surgery, one of my ankles is a little thinner than the other one, and there is roughly half a size difference in shoe size as well for that foot.

It never bothered me while skating in HS, but that was years ago when I started to learn how to play ice hockey. After several years off, I recently started skating several months ago again and I immediately noticed the skate fit was off a bit..

Now here's my dilemma.... Are alternatives that do not require purchasing a smaller sized skate for my foot? Should I buy the additional Stable 26 padding that comes in different sizes? Are there shops that specialize in altering the boot? Are there any other products that address this issue?

Or am I better off buying a separate skate even though it is expensive?

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