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Originally Posted by MattGTI View Post
So glad none of my LHS or even the bigger "name" hockey stores do this around here. Don't get me wrong, I TOTALLY understand the theory behind it. It stinks for a qualified sales associate to take his or her time to fit someone perfectly to a pair of skates, only to have that person turn around and buy them online.

However, as someone who wouldn't do that, I am happy I don't have to pay to have someone fit me. Personally, I'd still be weary of ordering skates online(more power to you for those that do). I want to be fitted, and try on the exact pair that I am going to spend so much time in. Thats just me though.
I think stores that charge for fitting are probably just trying to survive and save their employees time by not spending valuable time for no sale. I assume it is due to previous experience with bargain hunting people.

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