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05-10-2014, 01:55 AM
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Originally Posted by Genesis76 View Post
man you don't deserve the internet at home

Markov is 35 born December 20th

we are now 2014

In Markov's first season he played 63 games in 2000-2001

2014-2000 = 14
your following me?

35-14 = 21

Markov was 21 and a regular when he started + he scored 40+ points when he was 26.



Tinordi is 22 and Beaulieu is 21


they are both 1st round picks


Markov was a 6th round pick

so yeah i'm just saying man
You are right...
Markov was indeed 21 when he came in with us...
He played 33 games at 21 with the Habs.

And he was a 6ht round pick... So of course, Tinordi and Beaulieu will be better.
BTW, PK was a second round pick. Picked after Alzner, Ellerby, Shattenkirk, Plante, McDonagh, Cole, Smith, Petrevki, Brennan, Ellington, Godfrey, Cross and Marshall.

Beaulieu and Tinordi are not Markov and will most likely never reach the same level...
We waited two full years before playing Markov.

So Markov took four full seasons before reaching 46 points.
And he did reach that level at 27 years old.
That season, he started at 26 and finished at 27.

So I was wrong by one year.

Is this a reason to bring Beaulieu as a full time d-men at 20 years old?
You think he is better than Markov, Emelin and Gorges right now?

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