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03-13-2007, 07:31 PM
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Originally Posted by inferno272 View Post
Goaltending:Henrik & Montoya are legit sueprstar condidates, with henrik of course being much closer. but look at Montys AHL numbers and imagine that as part of a 2-headed monster tandem

Defense: Staal baby, its all about Staal

Offense: Korpikoski. I still think this kid is going to be a superstar, a guy who will net 30+ goals a year. his strength with the puck, and speed are both A+ parts of his game. one more year in the AHL and I think hes going to take broadway by storm.
I disagree with Korps... but I hope you're right. He's played well recently from what I've heard, but I really don't see him as that kind of guy. Even if he turns out to be that 30+ goal guy, that doesn't make him a superstar.

Originally Posted by SML View Post
We never get superstars because we never get #1 picks. We never get #1 picks because management here will never, ever stand pat long enough or commit fully to losing to further rebuilding. The only way we ever get a #1 pick would be if we were lucky enough to aquire a first in a trade, and unforseen things happen that make that team that bad. If I recall correctly the last time that kind of thing happened was when the Devils got the Leaf's first rounder for Tom Kurvers and drafted Scott Niedermayer, and he wasn't even first overall. Drafting #6-12 every year will get you alot of nice players but not a whole lot of superstars.
You hit it dead on, we need more top-5 picks.

Originally Posted by Balej20 View Post
We drafted Marc Savard...He's somewhat a star player in the league right now.
Good point.

Kovalev was a star when he wanted to be.
That says it all.

Leetch was a super star.
HOF material. The guy is one of only a handful of defenders to ever score 100 points in a season. Not only that, but he was the first american to ever win the Conn Smythe, and scored over 1,000 points.

Tony Amonte, Doug Weight were marginal stars.
They were stars alright, just not superstars.

Sergei Zubov was/is a star.
Hall of fame material if you ask me as well. The last defender to lead a team in scoring while scoring over a point per game while playing a full season. 89 points in 1994 for the Rangers, the team lead.

Currently, Henrik Lundqvist is turning into a star.
He is a star already.

We have drafted/grown Superstars in the past. Not all these guys were first round picks. We have to see if any of our current prospects will turn out to be stars in the future.
Anisimov, Sanguinetti, and Montoya have the best chances if you ask me.

Originally Posted by free0717 View Post
just keep drafting and scouting.

A team I really admire is Buffalo.

They dont really have any superstars but have so much depth that they win alot of games.
That's the kind of team that wins.

Who was the Superstar on Carolina?
Staal had 100 points last year.

Who was the Superstar on Tampa Bay?

Lecavilier was not a Superstar till this year.
No but St. Louis won the Art Ross, Hart, Plus-Minus Award, and the Pearson.

Building a team Starts from the Goaltender and out.

We have great goaltending now and a prospect.
Yes we do, and that prospect could be the key asset in the big trade for that center.

We have a very good group of Defenseman Prospects.

We have a good group of forward prospects, just a little thin at center.
Well said, we're very balanced up front, just not top-heavy.

Players like Crosby come up once in 20 years.

Players like Ovechkin come up once in 10 years.

It takes 20 players to win a game.
Great point, but imagine having Crosby, or a guy like him on this team?

Superstars are great to have, but I would rather have a deep lineup.

Deep lineups win Stanley Cups.

One other thing I learned this year.

Stay out of the Rental Game.
Great points, I agree.

Originally Posted by jas View Post
Following that train of thought, I'm going throw the name "Artem Anisimov"...big, rangy kid, just developing his skills. He could be that type of player.
Think of Steve Rucchin in his prime, but more talented offensively.

Originally Posted by 2Leetch_94 View Post
Just because Tyutin is our best defenseman doesn't make him a superstar.
Yeah, I found that to be pretty funny.

Originally Posted by Fletch View Post
he's still young - had a 'superstar' like season last year when he was a top 3 goalie while winning a gold medal during the season, and has played like a top two goalie over the last 2+ months, in his second NHL season. Maybe he's not a superstar today, but he seems like he may be on his way.
Yeah, Lundqvist was a superstar last year as a rookie, and if not for his slow start this year, he'd HAVE 40 wins right now as well. We'd be probably debating whether he's a future hall of famer or not, instead of debating whether he's a superstar or not.

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