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05-11-2014, 04:39 PM
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"Socks are part of your protective gear"

Coach at my low level rec team tonight noticed a bit of leg showing above my socks. That's cos I tuck the top of my socks down into my shin/kneeguards. I also don't wear head to toe sweats so there's bare flesh showing when I'm sitting on the bench and sometimes on the ice if I'm down on one knee.

He said socks are a) there to hold the top of my knee guards up, y'know, the little flappy bit on top, in place (and protect from pucks), and b) help me stop getting cut if I get slashed.

My view is that he's talking absolute BS. What do you think?

I reckon people think it's odd to see a flash of leg when nearly everyone covers themselves in socks taped up to the armpit or are head to toe in sweats (a good name for em I reckon). I prefer to dress as coolly as possible while having essential protection.

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