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03-14-2007, 12:04 AM
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Originally Posted by Astaroth View Post
Please, don't try to make Carbo look like a genious when he was going to scratch AK again if it weren't for the flu. While Kosts only had 3 points in 10 games, he was for last 5 one of our more consistent forwards. His benching made no sense whatsoever, especially with the ridiculous line juggling that was happening.

AK owned tonight because of him and not because Carbonneau did some elaborate psychology with him. He's been playing well since he's been called up, tonight he finally broke out.
Because you probably are a genius..

Im starting to be seriously irritated by the ones claming they know better than the Gainey Carbo Jarvis Muller of this world..

Didnt you ever think that Carbo isnt stupid enough to realize the lines he created against St-Louis were looking somewhat marginal? The team was going nowhere even with our supposed "best offensive players" reunited together.. no synchronism, no energy, no soul, nothing was working... The team was already acting like they were outside of the playoffs race... What Carbo tried to do is shaken up his team, he had nothing to lose at this point.. That was what we could call an electrochocs treatment.. Carbo seen some things he didnt like in Kostitsyn's game, he thought he could do way better even if the whole team werent doing better than the kid... Instead watching the boat sinking, he took a drastic decision and as far as Im concerned, this is working... Once again, he had nothing to lose considering the team was playing like possibly the worst team in the league before the game against the Blues...

Easy to blame a coatch, but next time, try to ask yourself a couple of questions before having such ridiculous conclusions that you would do a better job than Carbo and the whole coatching staff to get this team on the right track..

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