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03-14-2007, 09:06 AM
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Originally Posted by pld459666 View Post
so basically you are questioning the integrity of the teams in the league.
There's no doubt several teams each season throw the post-deadline games to the wind in order to "build for the future". These (in my book ********ing loser teams) retain their picks as usual.

Again, I'm not saying that teams will throw a PO series to ensure a better draft position, but the regular season has already been decided and that alone should be the determining factor for draft position.
If the schedule was perfectly balanced, yes. Since it ain't, no. The regular season does not give a black and white image of which of the playoff teams that is in most need of high draft picks. Having 100 points in one division could equal 90 in another. Remember these changes only affect playoff teams. THEIR internal order is adjusted by playoff results.

What you bring up has nothing to do with being rewarded a better draft spot for getting ousted early.
Which I just explained above.
Playoff teams "strength" is measured with playoff results.

As for rewarding the worst loser, that system is meant to balance out the league. Teams that lose to the point where they are dead last in the league, more often than not (I'd say 99.99% of the time), lose because of the players they have playing for their team not because they are instructed to lose. Those are the teams that need to be assisted. Teams that make the playoffs do so because they were good enough, and obviously do not need the added assistance of a better Draft position.
Sucking today doesn't mean you'll suck in 4 years when your draft pick hits the ice.

To take that team (Nashville for instance because they have the most to gain from this situation) and give them the 16th, 17th, 18th or 19th pick because of an early PO exit (in an at most 7 game series) after winning the Presidents trophy after an 82 game season is absurd and I can't see how it can be viewed otherwise.
Nashville would pick in 22nd in your example.
14 teams ahead of them, those that are out of playoffs. Then 7 teams that lose in the 1st round, all seeded lower than NSH.

If Nashville wins the President's trophy by playing amazing hockey in October, yet smells balls in April, what is the evidence they were indeed the "best team least in need of assistance" during that season, when other teams evidently knocked them out?

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