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03-14-2007, 09:07 AM
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Originally Posted by JRGNYR View Post
I'm sorry, but this is New York. You're not gonna get fans to pay to go to a game and then sit silently, especially when one of their players is playing like crap. Any fan who pays hard earned money to go to a game deserves to see effort, and they also reserve the right to boo. The "Shoot the puck" chants have been an awesome addition to the MSG crowd the last few games. It's a paying customer's right to do that. What should they do, sit on their hands?

I know a little about paying for a game myself. A season ticket holder since I was 16. I didn't even own a car before my brother and I were going to 20 plus games a season. But also as a paying customer, i'm not looking for the rest of the place to give up hope and start booing thier own team especially when the majority of the team is totally banged up and clinging to playoff life. To me it just a sign that fans have given up, and that gets the NY Rangers nowhere.

Personally, I have never boo'ed one Ranger player in that whole timeframe. There were times when I was pissed at some of the bonehead moves. The Kovalev's coughing the puck up in the offensive zone...Richter coming out of the net and mishandling the puck in the corners...Tom Poti, Igor Ulanov, Sylvain Leferve, Malakov, Bruce Driver, Boris Mironov, or Stephan Quintal never playing the body!!! Jan Hlavac and Petr Nedved missing the net with every shot!!!...Sandy McCarthy not doing his job after Radek Dvorak was carried off the ice from a cheapshot!!!...there were plenty of times I could have boo'ed the team, but I didn't, cause I had respect for the players. I know that these guys are totally under the microscope, but to me the "shoot the puck chant" is a disgrace. Again, it's a sign that the fans themselves are quitting on the team. How the hell are these players supposed to respond in a positive fashion when they are booed in thier own building? Seriously? And if you didn't notice last night with 7 minutes left in the game, Rangers on the PP, with a chance to tie it and what happens? The fans start a mock chant, and the Rangers rush the play, lose the puck, and totally unraveled after that. Not for nothing, but to get a quick laugh out of a chant, and to boo your own team is not what I am paying money for. Yeah it sucks that this team is on the outside of the playoff brackett as we speak, but still a game in hand and still very much in this thing. But if the fans are going to give up on the team, and that's exactly what is happening when they boo, then this team has ZERO chance of making it into the playoffs.

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