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Originally Posted by redbranch View Post
you play by just keeping them from shooting at your net.(mod edit). A defenseman generally hung back, but couldn't glove or cover the puck.

I didn't want to play the game, but I was the only person on my team who felt that way, so we played. it turned out better than I expected; the forwards backchecked much better, and because of that, our breakouts finally worked well. The other team hardly ever had possession in our zone. As the game wore on, they finally really realized we had no goalie, and just started putting shots on net from anywhere.

On the plus side, I made a pretty nice kick save on a breakaway
Same thing happened to my team our first game of the season. My buddy plays both forward and goalie, he signed up as a forward this summer, but they slotted him in as goalie and didn't say anything. We go to our first game and no goalies there, no one knows why. So we played the game 6 on 5, while the league guy went around the rink asking goalies if they'll step in for us. If we had no goalie by the 2nd period we had to forfeit.

Funny enough this was our teams best game as well :p We controlled the play for the most part, didn't score though, but "only" gave up 4 goals in the first period. Second period came around, we had a goalie step in finally who played great, only allowed one goal. We wound up losing the game 5-4.

Since then we've lost 2 games 6-0 and 9-2. But that's moreso because no one will play D and 2 of the 3 people who will just keep carrying the puck up the ice and turning it over, or they're more concerned with being pretty in the defensive zone by attempting toe drags infront of our crease on penalty kills causing turnovers. I think I'm just gonna say **** it and play D - I grew up as a forward, but I'm not ******** and know when to pass/stay back, I know there is a time and place for pretty moves and I'm a fast skater forward or backwards. Not saying I'm gonna be amazing at D, but atleast the goalie (who is my friend) will have someone to rely on to be there.

Ok that turned into a rant lol

Ohh individual signups, why are you so cruel to me..

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