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03-14-2007, 10:26 AM
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Originally Posted by Dagoon44 View Post
Euro players are soft and score pretty goals. The hard part is when they are off they look horrible. How many skates around the outside and behind the net can you watch when no one shoots? How many goals can you tip past your own goalie cause you use the stick insted of hitting people? Jagr is soft Nylander is soft as puss and Straka is not soft he is a Euro in a NA body. Their is pro and con to every type of player no one should lable player because of where they are from. NA players can be soft also just take a look at the Savards of the world. Dude stop crying because your favorites sucked and got bashed no one is ever beyond getting bashed.
Lets talk about soft....was Kaspar? How about Forsberg? We can play this game all day ! Is Ovechkin considered soft? Want to talk about soft...take a LONG hard look at Sid the KID! He's NA and soft as JLo's azz! Lemieux was soft, and Gretzky was soft, by your standard!The idea that players are soft because of where they come from is ridiculous. It has nothing to do with softness, and alot to do with the game that is played over there, also the size of the rinks is larger and more conducive to an open ice skating style, and puckhandling along with finesse passing. It doesn't make them soft because they prefer a certain style, any more than it makes most North American players borderline goons because the game over here is more physical with the smaller ice surface.

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