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Originally Posted by jazzykat View Post
You will be a bit taller on skates which I think gives you a bit more leverage. Obviously what feels "too whippy" depends on you. What I will strongly recommend is that you take into account how much stick you need to cut because you raise your flex as you do that.

For example, I am a (intermediate?)beginner 5'10" and 190 and I'm not that fat anymore. I prefer a stick that after being cut is 85 flex, so I have to buy something around 75 and cut it down to match my length requirement.

If you buy a 58" intermediate stick at flex 60 and cut say 5-6 inches off, then you've raised the flex over 70. If you get the same stick in 67 flex then you are near (or over) 80!
I absolutely love my 60 flex (cut down to about 3 inches to 67.5, but I may cut it down 4 inches to 70) APX2 on wrist shots, I do like it on snap shots and my slap shots are garbage. It feels like a wet noodle on slappers and one timers. Does that mean I need to go up in flex or is that my technique?

I was looking at the 67 flex Nexus sticks on sale (which feel whippier/softer to me than the APX2) and if I were to cut down my stick to the same spot as my 60 flex APX2 It would be more like a 77 or 80 flex and I'm just not sure if that would be too stiff for 5'6 148lb me even though the Nexus is softer and I'm a pretty strong, stocky guy... Any advice for me before I spend the $?

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