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03-14-2007, 01:30 PM
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Originally Posted by BORAT View Post
Anyone read the book his daughters wrote '' Le Coeur au Beurre noir '' ?

I read it a while back ... though I had to put it down ...

Alot of people say Hilton did his time ... but if this happened in the states he'd be looking at a minimum of 16 years to 37 years in jail ...

The sentence he got for destroying their lives ... is a joke ...

I don't envy the USA on some things ... but our justice system is a joke ...
I totally understand your point BORAT, the sentence that Hilton received was a joke. I haven't read the book and honestly I can't see myself reading it in the future. But from what I've heard they should have locked him in jail and thrown away the key.

The sad thing is, Hilton did serve the sentence that was handed to him, or atleast most of it. So now that he has served his court appointed time, it should be over and done with.

I'm not saying if you see him on the street that you should run over and give him a hug and ask how he's doing. But he committed a crime, and he's served his time. Like I stated in a previous post, if you want to get angry at something, be angry at our government for having such minimal penalties for such crimes.

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