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03-14-2007, 01:45 PM
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Originally Posted by Puckhead58 View Post
I don't see what we have to gain by keeping him. He has made it quite clear 2 or 3 times this season that he doesn't want to play in Montreal, so ship him out.

If we let him play next year and he plays the same and continues to blab about whats going on in Montreal and how the coach is blaming everything on him....we'll never be able to move team will want him and it will just continue to be a team distraction.

I say trade him this summer for whatever we can get, or put him in the minors next year so his salary doesn't count against the cap. That would look good on him to be shipped to the minors, after displaying such disrespect for this team!!!!
I totally see your point Puckhead58, here's my reason for wanting to keep him.

Right now his value is worth nothing....absolutely nothing. We could not give him away if we tried. My thinking is we sit him out for the rest of the year, don't send him anywhere...only the pressbox.

Next year we bring him to training camp, this is his UFA year so he's going to bust his ass to make the team. IMO he will put out the effort and he will make the team. Now GM's on other teams will start to notice him, maybe even think to themselves that Samsonov is back to his old ways.

Trust me...I don't want him on the Habs anymore then you do. But I don't want the Habs screwing themselves either by buying him out. My way, they have a better chance of getting something back for Samsonov. Plus if it still doesn't work, send him to Hamilton. See....nothing to lose

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