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05-13-2014, 09:23 AM
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Originally Posted by optimus2861 View Post
Watch that play again, especially from the on-ice angle. NB isn't just mindlessly dumping the puck out of the zone like FB & DM would have done (check that; DM wouldn't have had the puck in the first place). His head is up and the moment he spots Max out at center ice he makes the pass toward him. If it hadn't been deflected it was going straight to Max anyway, so the end result was the same.
The great play was in the Dzone coming up with that puck. But you are absolutely correct.
The play was well read and Nate had his head up the whole time.
N B brings an element we sorely lack the prevention of the mindless dumping of the puck.
That type of play will eliminate those constant icings that lead to us being hemmed in.

There was a defensive play that was spectacular in its execution that perhaps went unnoticed.
The Bruins winger tips a puck past NB at the blue he is clearly going to beat him to the puck.
Weaver slides over to take up the slack and leaves a Bruin wide open driving the net.
Nate upon completing his pivot assesses the danger and closed on the Bruin in about three strides.
It was a thing of beauty....

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