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Originally Posted by MickeyMelchiondo View Post
I wonder if some of youse watch hockey other than the Flyers
Chara is one of the best of this generation
he's averaging close to 50 points per season during his time with Boston, won a Norris, lead the league in +/-, and is a physical force
he is a fantastic hockey player
That's fantastic!

I was going to be lazy and ask how Ottawa let him get away but I googled instead and found an interesting article on the topic. What could've been for the Sens and the real person to blame for no trade clauses.

Why Zdeno Chara Left Ottawa?
Senators Flashback: July 1st 2006.

Zdeno Chara officially leaves Ottawa and signs with Boston. A future Norris trophy winner, gone with no compensation. The Sens had tried to negotiate with Chara but he and his agent were being inexplicably difficult.

In February 2006, former GM John Muckler asked his agent what it would take to get an extension done. His agent basically said, make us an offer. We'll see how it stacks up with the rest. Wade Redden offered him $500,000 per season to stay, to keep the team together.

Chara didn't have much of a playoff earlier that year, nursing a hand injury. So keeping Redden over Chara wasn't as outrageous as it seems now. But now we may have an explanation as to why Chara, who seemed to really like Ottawa, had such little interest in signing here.

Chara is tight with teammate Marion Hossa, a fellow Slovak. Apparently, according to a source quoted in Wayne Scanlan's column in today's Ottawa Citizen, Chara was livid that Muckler had taken his friend out at the knees a year earlier. Hossa had signed a big new contract with the Sens, assuming that Ottawa was where he would be for the next three years. But the next day, Muckler shipped him off to Atlanta for Dany Heatley. That led to every half decent player in the league demanding no trade clauses in their contract. As a result, according to the source, an angry Chara vowed not to re-sign with Ottawa.

So, had Muckler not made that deal, Hossa might still be here, we wouldn't have had any of the Heatley nonsense and Chara might have re-signed here. Oh, what might have been. Uh, don't worry, Milan pressure.

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