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Originally Posted by One Man Rock Band View Post
Both of you have an agenda and need to start cheering for the team instead of bickering about ridiculous things. Both of you are wrong.

Eller doesn't have great vision. He has a strong work ethic, great along the boards, strong on the puck, and a good forecheck. That's why he can produce, especially in the playoffs when hard work generally overshadows skill. That's not to say Eller doesn't have any vision, he does. Eller is playing great because he's not giving up on any shift though.

Gallagher has been the best forward, Eller is probably second.

As for Desharnais, he's never been as bad defensively as people say. But this playoffs is something else. This is a whole new Davey that he's never shown before. If he played like this constantly, people would be happy to have him. Using this playoffs to prove he's good defensively - sure. But he damn well better play like this next year because now I expect so much more out of him.
Well, i expected to be wrong....that's the whole point.

Eller isn't a playmaker, he's an all around player that can do many many things in all 3 zones.

But DD is good defensively? Than why he NEVER gets any PK times if he's that good?
Why he never get tought start in the D-zone like Eller and Plekanec?

Having said that....let's wait for the end of the season for this.
Right now it's let's go DD and Eller....and the season won't end tomorrow night, so let's be patient

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