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05-13-2014, 02:54 PM
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Originally Posted by TBLightning24 View Post
This is exactly what happened. Gotta blame the NY media. Some Rangers fans became bitter because the guy who worked his @ss for the Rangers for years wanted a payday like everyone around him, in the end it was not the money but job security. He did not want to deal with trade bait rumors for the next 5 or 6 years, can you fault the guy? He is the kind of guy who will always put forth an effort even if he has a lingering injury or is dealing with Trade bait rumors because of the damn NY media.

To have to defend Ryan Callahan against some Ranger fans is an absolute joke. Notice I said some, because most fans want him back at the right price of course. It's these few fans who don't have patience when a player goes through a rough patch, look at this thread it is a perfect example, and I'm sorry but Nash deserves this, Callahan did not. The guy played with a major shoulder injury last playoffs and still managed to do more than Nash.

Since this is a Nash thread lets compare further...

Callahan - 65 GP - 36 Points - Makes 4.2 Million dollars - had 3 injuries to deal with, did not get a lot of PP time or offensive time under AV, and was traded.

Nash - 65 GP - 39 Points makes 7.8 Million dollars - sustained one injury had plenty of time to recover.

One of the last games I went to at MSG was the Colorado game, where Cally scored 2 goals and had an assist. The garden chanted "Cally" "Cally", because they supported him and wanted him re-signed. When he comes back to the garden in a different sweater he is going to get a louder cheer than the current Rangers players at that moment.
Now that I am reading more and more into this thread, I am starting to get really annoyed.

Lightning fans have made Callahan out to be some sort of uber-god. He is a great guy to have on your team but he ALWAYS gets hurt. He has killed the Rangers 2-3 times with season ending injuries, and frankly will be someone who breaks down earlier than others due to the way he plays. I love him, but for the money he was asking, it was ridiculous.

However, injuries to shoulder and extremities are NOTHING compared to a brain injury. Don't be an 8 year old. If you really do watch hockey, you should know this.

Nash hasn't lived up to 1/2 his salary, but Callahan will be getting 6.5-7 over a 5-6 years. That is simply outrageous.

Lastly, as much as the offense has been invisible from Nash, he is still a player an opposing team talks about before a game. He slots other players on his team very nicely- especially with Kreider now back. He has also played great defense over the past month. So, it isn't as if he is a complete waste out there.

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