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03-15-2007, 12:50 AM
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Originally Posted by habn8r View Post
the weakest character people in the world are those who GANG UP on a person.

samsonov undoubtedly has had problems this year. any mistake on the ice has given people the oppurtunity rag on him relentlesly.(from day one)

unfortunately , no player can defend himself from people who want to see you fail.

he was trying to defend himself. in doing so he used one wrong word in regret .

i would think what he meant he was sorry for the way things have played out.
very well said.

ive always thought samsonov was wrong when he opened his mouth too many times. but i have no clue how it feels like to play for the most pressured hockey club in the world, especially when he has had a bad matter what the reason.

all parties concerned admitted that the samsonov case was badly delt with, carbo admitted that he didnt do too well with samsonov at first, and samsonov admits he has a bad year. but from what ive seen, its not lack of effort. the only time he actually cost us anything was the last game he played. And hes being crucified for it....yes he made a mistake, but every single player has made some, samsonov is the only player consistantly getting benched....i can think of other players that should have been benched along with him (like a so called captain who consistantly gets called for a dumbass penality while WE are on te power play).

Everyone from the media to the fans, have bashed him from day one. There is a place for sammy in this club, but like someone else said, we need to leave him alone and let him and the rest of the team play. I still say support all the habs, no matter who is doing good and who isnt, it isnt one player that is bringing us down and its not going to be one player that will save us. Eventually decisions will be made based on things we know nothing about regarding who will stay and who wont.

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