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03-15-2007, 08:48 AM
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Originally Posted by pyattrocks View Post
Please. Renney is the right coach. Gimme a break. Renney has no clue and is about the worst coach you can have developing young talent. He ruined Dawes. He ruined Immonen. He'll try to ruin Dubinsky.

The Montoya pick was stupid. We already a very good goalie on the way. I'm quite sure he had nothing to do with Prucha. That was Rockstrom. Tyutin is OK. He's certainly not anything close that we were told he would be.
1) If Renney is about the worst coach you have developing young talent, explain the previous seven seasons prior to last one. No young talent. No playoffs. Renney has intergrated young players (Hossa, Orr, Prucha, Tyutin, Girardi) and made the playoffs. Worst coach? Sorry we've seen worse and not that long ago.

2) He ruined Immonen? One franchide already quit on him. And he has not shown anything the show that he belongs in the NHL.

3) He ruined Dawes? Rather than play Dawes 5 minutes a night on the fourth line or have him be a healthy scratch when Orr plays, Dawes was sent down to big minutes. That's just the smart thing to do.

4) Ozolinsh, Ward, Ward, Kasparaitis, Hall out. Girardi, Pock, Avery, Mara, Bourret in.

5) On the Montoya pick: nobody knew what Lundqvist was going to be (sure he had success in Europe but that by no means ensures success in the NHL). And it is clear in hindsight that the organization was very concerned about Blackburn's future.

Sorry, I just think you're take is oversimplified and regurgitationg stereotypical things. Right now this team is younger, better and has a brighter future than it did this time last year.

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