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03-15-2007, 10:02 AM
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All three.
Lewis has been somewhat of a dissappointment offensively, I think although he has been a very consistent performer at both ends of the ice that expectations were too high on him too carry too big of an offensive load, and all the hype over his signing didn't help. He is a much much better player when not paired with Ryan, instead of waiting for set-ups he uses his speed and looks to create. But despite what many fans saw after a couple weeks, Lewis and Ryan were not split up until recently, with great effect.

Lewis has been far from dissapointment. Stothers just does not know how to utilize his talents. Splitting up Ryan and Lewis was the best decision made by Stothers all year long. I won't play the what if game but Lewis' stats would be much higher if he wouldn't had been paired with Ryan. Lewis and Ryan just never gelled. And you can't blame them for that because they both gave a solid effort in trying to make the team great. And still are for that matter.

Pretty disfunctional season all in all, I feel very bad for Ryan that a better attempt could not have been made to give him a competitive shot at an OHL title, after all he has done for the franchise.

I think every attempt was made by bringing in quality players. What is sad is the coaching. Stothers coaching style does not fit those players that he coaches.

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