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05-14-2014, 01:15 PM
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Originally Posted by Jtown View Post

No one is being unrealistic about the teams situation other than you. You live in a world where richards and carter are good enough to carry us to a stanley cup , and that just isnt the case. No one is badmouthing those two either. Carter has always been a great two way player and I feel like he is finally getting his due to the olympics and stanley cup. was a great player one of the very best but he has fallen off more than any player in recent memory . He and heatly are in the same boat .
If I'm unrealistic then so is everyone else who posted the same thing I'm saying now, back in 2011, and so is every hockey expert who said the same thing back in 2011. Interestingly, hindsight has proven us right.

I have never, ever said either would/could "carry" us to a Cup. That's a strawman you inserted. They were both pieces to a puzzle, like Pronger. Remove those pieces and the puzzle isn't complete anymore.

Guess what? The same thing happened in LA. They became major pieces in a puzzle, like Quick and Doughty. If Richards isn't in LA they don't make the playoffs or win a Cup. If LA doesn't get Carter, their offense never opens up and they don't make the playoffs or win a Cup. Either of Doughty or Quick goes down, same thing happens. They were vital pieces for getting us into the playoffs in 2010, and then the non-injured one was a vital piece for getting us to the Finals.

We traded those vital pieces for unproven youth. The team took a step back. That was recognized by literally everyone looking at the situation without homerism. Reality has proven that in the end; and with the D situation, we aren't really even at the point where we can be expected to take steps forward yet.

So at the end of the day, two moves that took us further from contention in the short term in the HOPE that we can compete again in the future flat out simply are not better moves than the two that won us two Cups and defined the franchise.

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