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02-12-2004, 09:37 AM
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Agreed on all fronts, MJ...

especially the Resch comment...he's just plain awful. Emrick ain't bad, but Chico is just the biggest Devils cheerleader - heck, I got annoyed when he decided to explain why he knew the answer to the trivia question. Big deal, I did too!

and TB...agreed on AK27...personally, and I've said this from day 1, he does not fit well with Nedved. And he certainly doesn't fit well with Hlavac, who I believe is bringing down both (Nedved was a much better player last season, without Hlavac). He played quite well with Holik, albeit in a 'checking' role. I don't know what I'd do that wouldn't screw up every line. I'm almost tempted to pair Kovalev with Messier and, say, Simon, and having Barnaby or Ortmeyer play with Nedved. Let's play with these lines a secon:


Not real fair to put Lundmark in a non-offensive position, though. Heck, maybe Moore can center that line, Simon on Nedved's left, and Lundmark to Messier's left; or Lundmark to Nedved's left and Moore centering the fourth, shucks, it doesn't matter, does it?

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