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02-12-2004, 11:33 AM
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Originally Posted by mark0v
you're right anon, may be i am to fast but since Gainey sent down Hainsey to Hamilton , there are few members of the board that , week after week , are complaining about the play of Bouillon, because in their mind , he takes the place of Hainsey.

I don't know why he is still in Hamilton. Neither do you or anyone else here. Only Gainey/Julien/Hainsey do. Quit guessing and gossiping.

Just in case the younger members of this forum can't remember. In the 80's Montreal had another dman who liked to party more than a bit and developed quite a reputation. We traded Chelios and he seems to have had a solid career. The guy who took his spot on the defence, Schneider was as much as a party animal as Chris so he was let go. He has done pretty well for himself too.
he's still in Hamilton because of his woork ethic, and because he's not mature.Hainsey seems to play well in Hamilton because he leads with his offensive part of the game, but he doesn't play enought physical .I was i9n trouble alond the board when he was playing with the big team and has to work this part of the game.

About Chelios , yes he was a party guy but he was the first on the ice and the last to leave the practice day after day.Chelios is a maniac of hockey and was having a really good ethic .That 's not what people are saying about Hainsey.

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