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03-15-2007, 07:48 PM
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I didn't know about the "rule of thumb" for stick stiffness. And... we have discovered that the stick is too stiff for him. He has a 75 that is too long if we leave it at the length that it is. But... rather than cutting it down now, I think I'll wit until the end of summer. (He seems to be growing fast!)


Unfortunately... we aren't getting the magazine... nor is his league affiliated with them. Someone else mentioned that USA Hockey magazine... and said it was pretty good. I guess we are going to have to start subscribing. The matt sounds cool and at the neighbors might not look at us like we are a bunch of hill billies! I have actually seen them before... and wanted to get a closer look. If he keeps this up... I think one of those mats will become a necessity.


Yes... That does make since. Alex's coach suggested the same thing concerning his hand placement. Each night... the puck seems to get a little louder, and I see him really concentrating on form. (He is really excited to get back on the ice!)


As for now... he is hitting the puck off of an old meat cutting board, that is about 24" X 48". He is trying everything he can to make the shot as real as possible, but there is only so much you can do in sneakers and an old meat cutting table. But... I'm just thrilled to see his enthusiasm!


I have coached youth archery for about 18 years, and have competed for almost 23 years. (Compound only.) I started with a recurve... then went to a compound. Now... I'm back to shooting Traditional. I'm presently shooting a "Chek-Mate" Hunter II Take Down. #53@28" (Recurve)

Thanks again!!!!!!


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