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05-16-2014, 09:25 AM
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Originally Posted by MTL-rules View Post
Is this thread for real ? Did we just beat the Bruins and play on the Conference finals ? Somehow, there are posters with yet again a complex inferiority who wants to bring useless goons ?

This season isn't over, Scott is playing golf and the habs are in the Final four... can we delete this crap please...
Yes we won our series against the Bruins and yes Parros turned out to be a dude but there's something to remember. In the 60s the Habs had John Ferguson and the 70s Robinson & through the 80s & early 90s Chris Nilan. Strange that ever since we stopped carrying a policeman on the roster we've won diddly squat. I'm not saying that's all you need but it helps. You need a policeman on a team with talent.

We won this year because the Bruins just didn't have the stomach to physically intimidate us. Chara was basically worn out. Thornton is 36. Iginla will fight but doesn't goon it up so that just left Milan whistling my way through the playoffs Lucic.

What makes you think after this early exit Boston management doesn't decide they need to get back to their roots?

A Scott I would only sign up if we can't get anyone else. But definitely we need an enforcer who can play hockey: A Ferguson, Nilan, Robinson, McPhee. If we don't have that sort of player the Lucics and the Charas will pound the crap out of the Weises & the Emelins. The Lucics & the Charas are cheap shot artists and will take liberties when they know they can get away with it.

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